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Rules and Regulations Concerning Resurrection Cemetery

In the rules and regulations that follow:

Company means Resurrection Cemetery (the Catholic Cemetery Company) of Sydney, a non-profit incorporated company, whose Board of Directors members are appointed by parish members and who are directly responsible to the parish in the carrying out of their duties.
Manager means the Executive Officer of the Company who has supervision over its Cemetery and its employees and who carries on all the business of the Company and is directly responsible to its Board of Directors.

General Rules

For the mutual protection of burial right purchasers and for the best interests of our cemeteries as a whole, the Company has adopted the following rules and regulations:

1. All burial right purchasers, all visitors within the cemeteries, all employees and other workmen, and all business firms or their representatives concerned are subject to these rules and regulations, as well as to any amendments or alterations as shall be adopted from time to time by the Company. Also, any conditions or rules set forth in the contract of Burial Rights or on any other conveyance or document issued by the Company shall have the same force or effect as if set forth in full herein.

2. Special cases may arise in which the literal enforcement of a rule may impose unnecessary hardship. The Company, therefore, reserves the right to make exceptions, suspensions, or modifications of any of these Rules and Regulations without notice, when in their judgement such actions appear necessary. Such temporary exceptions, suspensions or modifications shall in no way be construed as affecting the general application of the Rules and Regulations concerned.

3. It shall be the duty of the Manager to see that these Rules and Regulations are complied with. It shall also be his duty to see that good order is maintained at all times and the best interests of the cemeteries be protected and promoted. To this end, he is authorized to make temporary additional rules which he deems necessary from time to time to meet emergencies which are not covered by these Rules and Regulations.

4. The Company hereby expressly reserves the right to adopt additional Rules and Regulations or to amend, alter or repeal any rule, regulation, article, section, paragraph or sentence in these Rules and Regulations, at any time, without notice.

5. Children under fourteen shall not be admitted to the grounds except when accompanied by an adult, who, in all cases, shall be responsible for their good conduct.

Office of the Company is at Resurrection Cemetery, 2643 Kings Rd., Sydney Forks, NS.

Office Hours: The Office of the Manager will be open for business from 1:00 - 3:00 pm from Monday to Friday. Summer hours also include 10:00 – 12:00 in the morning.

Sale of Burial Rights

1. Burial Rights will be sold for cash, at such prices as may be determined upon by the Company and according to the plans on file in the Office.

2. Purchasers acquire simply the right and privilege of the burial of the human dead, and of having monuments installed according to the rules and regulations at that time.

3. No Burial Rights will be considered sold or reserved for sale until reported at the office and approved by the Manager or his designate.

4. Burial Rights purchased will be conveyed by the Company to the Purchaser on the Contract adopted by the Company and is valid only in the limited sense of Paragraph 2 of these regulations. It will be given to the Purchaser only when complete payment of Burial Rights is made or indebtedness to the Company is settled through the contract wording.

5. No sale, transfer or assignment of any Burial Rights shall be valid without the consent of the Company endorsed on the conveyance. No Purchaser has the entitlement to transfer his Burial Rights. Such transfers are mere privileges extended in special cases by the Company after careful investigation and the determination by members of the Company that they are in proper order.

6. The record of Contracts kept at the Office of the Company is the only evidence of rights which is recognized. Consequently, when a person receives Burial Rights by transfer from the Purchaser, after approval by the Company, the transfer must be recorded at the cemetery office. An additional fee may be charged depending upon the transfer.

7. Burial Rights may be purchased in advance of need, without interest, over a period of two (2) years. A Contract detailing this agreement must be signed and witnessed between the Company and the Purchaser or his or her designate.

8. Purchasers shall not allow interments to be made for remuneration on their burial sites.

9. Trees, shrubs or flowers may not be planted. The Company reserves to themselves the entire control of every tree, shrub, vine or flower growing within the Cemetery enclosure, including the right to removal when it considers such advisable, even those donated in memory of someone interred at the Cemetery.

10. The disposal of rubbish on roads, adjoining graves or elsewhere is prohibited.

11. The Company, at its own option, reserves the right to have all work on the grave sites done by its own workmen.

12. Purchasers and visitors are urgently requested to report immediately any act of discourtesy, annoyance, vandalism or other breach of propriety within the grounds.

Boundaries and Care of Gravesites

A Cemetery has a two-fold purpose in the Community. It provides a permanent resting place for the mortal remains of our beloved dead and it should be a comfort and inspiration for the living. To achieve these ends, full co-operation of all Burial Rights Purchasers and others concerned is required.

1. Borders, fences, railings, walls, plant material and other memorabilia in and around burial sites are prohibited.

2. If any monument or any structure or any inscription be placed in or upon any burial site which shall be decided by the Company to be non-conforming, the Company may enter upon the burial site and remove the non-conforming object or objects.

3. The size of a full or complete burial site shall be approximately 4' x 10' or forty square feet except for ranges 65 to 102 where spaces shall be approximately 4.5' x 11' or forty nine and a half square feet.
The size of a site for cremated remains shall be 2' x 3' or six square feet.
The size of a columbarium niche is presently 11" x 11" x 11". The niches taper inward to 3" at the back of the unit, due to its shape. Urns should be purchased with these measurements in mind.

4. No person shall make any walks, plant trees, cut sod, add gravel or move grave markers in the Cemetery.

5. The use of glass jars or bottles as flower containers is prohibited. They are dangerous to workmen and visitors alike.

6. The placing of winter wreaths or sprays is permissible only from November 1 to April 1. After April 1 they should or will be removed. This improves the general appearance of the cemetery and permits the grass to grow. Styrofoam wreaths or styrofoam sprays are not permitted at any time as any small wind will cause them to break and be blown.

7. No concrete vaults or other oversize vaults are permitted. Wooden markers of any design, even crosses, as well as statues or any like object are prohibited. The Cemetery Company will place an inconspicuous marker on any unmarked used burial site.

8. All flowers (cut, silk or plastic), wreaths or other ornaments left on grave sites will be removed with each horticultural procedure on the grounds including mowing, liming, fertilizing, spraying, aerating, dethatching or other deemed necessary by the Company. The Company will then dispose of all items collected from the lots and surrounding areas.

9. In the Children's section only single sites will be sold and no reservations will be made. Only those under the age of five will be permitted to be interred in this section.

10. All animals must be leashed at all times. Please clean up after your animal.

The Company provides for perpetual care, and for this purpose, it has established a "Perpetual Care Fund". This fund provides for the day to day care such as grass cutting, regarding of badly sunken graves, levelling of markers, snow removal on access roads and other maintenance within reasonable expectations.

Monuments, Markers, and Foundations

For these rules and regulations that follow:

A monument is any grave memorial with an attached foundation; such as a bronze plaque or other metal plate with a cement or granite base or a granite stone with a concrete foundation.

A marker is any grave memorial not having a foundation; such as an inscribed granite stone.

The ordering and placing of monuments and markers shall be under the complete control of the cemetery management.

1. All monuments and markers installed in Resurrection Cemetery must be approved by the Cemetery Manager or his Designate.

2. A monument or marker shall not be permitted to be installed on a site for which full payment has not been received.

3. Only flat monuments or markers are permitted in the cemetery.

4. If there is a foundation of any type, the foundation must be level with the marker/monument. This is to minimize damage to both the marker/monuments and the machinery traversing the area.

5. Only one marker/monument per grave site per person is permitted.

6. The maximum size for any grave marker or monument, including borders and /or foundations, is 42" x 20" x 3 inches or 2520 cubic inches.

7. All flower vases must be of the in-ground variety and manufactured to withstand the elements. Vases contained within markers or monuments must be bolted to the marker or monument. All separate vases will be installed by the Company for a fee.

8. All markers and monuments will be installed by the Company for a fee.

9. Any work performed by outside companies must be approved in advance by the Manager.

10. Heavy loads will not be allowed to enter the Cemetery when, in the opinion of the Manager, the roads or grounds are not in fit condition.

11. Markers and monuments shall be installed at the discretion of the management depending on conditions, especially during late fall, winter and early spring. Usual winter cut-off date for installation is December 1 of each year.

12. In order for a double marker/monument (a marker/monument containing two or more names) to be placed on a site all interment fees for all names on the marker/monument must be paid in advance. Any marker/monument containing a name of a person not yet deceased must have that person's interment fees paid in advance.

13. If someone wishes to place a marker or monument in Resurrection Cemetery for a person not interred at the cemetery, the fees for a cremation burial will be charged.

14. If an empty space meant for inscription is left on any marker/monument for someone to be interred at a later date, all burial fees for this person must be paid in advance in full before the marker/monument will be installed.

15. All vases attached to the columbaria must adhere to cemetery standards. Vases and their contents must not impede on other niches. All such vases must be approved by the cemetery management. Unauthorized flower holders will be removed.


It is the policy of the cemetery to inter human remains as quickly as possible following a burial ceremony, but the digging of all gravesites is at the discretion of cemetery management. Factors which may delay immediate burials include weather conditions such as storms or high winds, land conditions such as excessive frost or moisture or problems with machinery or manpower.

1. The Manager of the Company, or any employee designated by the manager, is required to be in attendance at each burial.

2. Whatever information may be required by the Manager according to the law of the land or according to the regulations of the Company must be furnished before burial arrangements can be completed.

3. Arrangements for interments must be made with the Manager of the Company Office at least forty eight (48) hours previous to the proposed burial. Seventy two (72) hour notice must be given for burials occurring on Mondays or after a holiday.

4. No interment or disinterment is allowed without the written order of the Purchaser of burial rights or person who has authority to represent him or her and approval of the Company. All interments in burial sites shall be restricted to members of the immediate family or relatives of the Purchaser unless by special permission of the Company.

5. No disinterment is allowed without a Permit from the Department of Health of the Province and the permission of the Catholic Cemetery Company. The former is necessary even if disinterment is by Court Order.

6. No grave shall be opened for an interment or removal by any person not in the employ of the Company. No grave shall be opened nearer than 3 inches of the boundary of the site.

7. Two full burial interments in one burial site are not permitted.

8. The scattering of cremated remains upon the surface of the Cemetery is not permitted.

9. Grave side interments are discouraged. A chapel is provided for the interment service. Any grave side service must be first approved by the executive of the Board of Directors. Extra fees will be charged for these services.

10. An interment shall not take place on that day if the mortal remains arrive at the cemetery after 3.00 p.m. The burial will take place the next scheduled working day if conditions permit. (i.e., a remains arriving after 3 in the afternoon on a Friday would not be interred until Monday, at the earliest).

11. No coffin protector (i.e. vaults, liners, roughboxes etc.) shall be used if the management decrees such to interfere with the interment. This is to encourage the completion of winter burials which may be limited by space and monuments frozen in the frost at that time of year.

12. Reservation of burial sites is by cemetery management approval only. The maximum period of reservation is one year. If, after this time, no contract has been signed and/or no remuneration has taken place for this site, the space will then be available to whomever wishes to purchase it.