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Burial and Lot Pricing


Burial rights at Resurrection Cemetery may be purchased either at the time of need or in advance.

Pre-Purchase of lots.

Any lot purchased in advance may be financed without interest over a 2-year period and all lot purchases include Perpetual Care (see below). A contract must be signed and witnessed detailing the specifics of the arrangement. If, after two years, the contract has not been completed a refund will be mailed to the last know contact address less an administrative fee of 10%.


Lot Type

Burials may be a full interment (traditional casket burial) or a cremation interment.

Each traditional full casket burial requires one complete lot.

In a cremation interment remains may be interred in:
1) a full burial lot (often used by a family and may contain up to four cremation interments),
2) a smaller, cremation-sized lot (for a single interment),
3) interment in a previously used full size lot (cremation on top of traditional burial) or
4) our columbarium (there are two columbaria on the grounds; one is already filled)

The columbarium is an above ground granite storage area containing individual niches to store cremated remains.

All lot purchases include: the opening and closing of the gravesite, perpetual care, a standard marker, and H.S.T.

Traditional full burial $1770.00
Cremation interment in a new full-size burial lot $1510.00
Cremation interment in the columbarium $1900.00
Cremation interment in a cremation-size lot $896.00
Cremation interment in a previously purchased full-size lot $609.00
*prices subject to change

Perpetual Care:

day-to-day care such as grass-cutting, re-grading of lots, leveling of markers, care of trees and shrubs, snow removal on access roads, and all general maintenance within reasonable expectations.

* Please note that the purchase of a lot includes the opening and closing of a gravesite, Perpetual Care, and the provision of a temporary marker only. The land remains the property of the cemetery which must maintain complete and absolute control in caring for all graves within its boundaries.